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E-learning development information

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With the increased utilisation of technology by health professionals, e-learning has emerged as a useful strategy to provide accessible, cost effective education to clinicians across the state.

To ensure that the standard of education materials is maintained, a toolkit for the development of e-learning resources has been developed.

Request to add e-learning resource to WNHS education hub

To request the addition of an e-learning resource to the WNHS Education Hub complete the form below. Inclusion of the resource is dependent on review by the E-learning sub-group.

Request form

E-learning development resources

The e-learning approval process

It is recommended that this process be followed for the development of all e-learning resources within WNHS.

These resources include:

  • e-learning packages
  • eWorkbooks
  • self-directed learning packages (SDLP)
  • other formats of learning resources that are to be available on the WNHS intranet and/or internet
e-learning flow chart

For further information or advice please contact:

Samantha Davies
6458 3019
Pg: 3526

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