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Self-directed learning (SDL)

2 nurses sat infront of a computerTips for updating your knowledge

  • If this is your first time accessing a package it is recommended you complete the entire package.
  • Assess your own level of knowledge - you may not need to complete the entire package.
  • Use the menu to ‘jump’ to those sections you need to update.
  • Scroll through the information and read the information that is most relevant to your learning needs.
  • Always complete the quiz (if available) to further test your knowledge, if you are not successful review your answers and redo those sections of the package, then re-attempt the quiz.
  • Many packages may not confer competency, and will require further practical assessment.
  • Consider doing the package with a group of colleagues or staff development – questions, personal experiences and opinions can be discussed. Each individual in the group can still complete the quiz by ‘jumping’ to the quiz via the menu.

Keeping records

  • It is important to keep a personal record of all learning activities that you have completed.
  • Packages from other providers may have their own reporting mechanisms and certificates. Check with the provider for details.
  • Web sites of other providers may require registration/user account.
  • Some packages may require you to fill in a form with your employee details to allow reporting to ALESCO/Lattice.

Accessing packages

You may require Adobe Flash player to view the e-learning packages. Some of the packages may not be available on mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, iPad).

To read attached documents you may require Adobe Reader.

Self-directed learning resources

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