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King Edward Memorial Hospital

Community Midwifery Program

Antenatal Care

Date Reviewed
Absence of a Fetal Heart in the Antenatal Period December 2015
Antenatal Care Flowchart July 2016
Antenatal Care Initial Appointment May 2016
Antenatal care Subsequent Appointments January 2016
Anaemia Screening and Management May 2015
Antepartum Haemorrhage October 2016
Decreased Fetal Movements August 2013
Domestic Violence: Screening for May 2015
EPDS and Perinatal Mental Health January 2014
GBS Screening February 2016
GDM Screening December 2012
Haemoglobinopathies: Screening for May 2015
Hyperemesis Gravidarum September 2016
Hypertension in Pregnancy October 2013
Nicotine Dependence Assessment May 2015
Non Specific Abdominal Pain January 2014
Premature Pre Labour Rupture of Membranes at < 37 Weeks (Suspected and Confirmed) - CMP March 2015
Symphysis Fundal Height Measurements October 2016
Threatened Preterm Labour March 2015
VBAC and Risk Model Flowchart July 2016
Vitamin D Deficiency: Screening for during Pregnancy May 2015

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Emergency Procedures

Date Reviewed

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Intrapartum Care

Date Reviewed
Absence of fetal heart during labour December 2015
Active Management of the Third Stage of Labour February 2013
BBA October 2016
Breech Presentation: Unexpected April 2013
First Stage of Labour January 2016
GBS Management during Labour March 2015
Labour and Birth in Water at Home September 2017
Labour Dystocia during the First Stage December 2013
Labour Dystocia during the Second Stage December 2013
Latent Phase of Labour January 2013
Leaving Mother and Baby after the Birth July 2016
Lotus Birth: Management of March 2015
Medication: Ergometrine Janaury 2016
Medication: Lignocaine 1% January 2016
Medication: Syntocinon January 2016
Medication: Syntometrine January 2016
Partogram: Use of December 2015
Perineal Trauma April 2013
Physiological Management of the Third Stage of Labour February 2013
Retained Placenta May 2016
Second Stage of Labour February 2016
Waterbirth Pool Evacuation in the Community September 2013

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Obstetric Emergencies

Date Reviewed
Cord Prolapse April 2013
Neonatal Resuscitation in the Home September 2013
Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) May 2016
Shoulder Dystocia April 2013

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Postnatal Care

Date Reviewed
Breastfeeding Policy December 2014
Breastfeeding the Healthy Term Baby December 2014
Engorged Breasts 2014
Flat or Inverted Nipples May 2015
Jaundice February 2015
Low or Over Supply October 2015
Mastitis May 2015
Maternal Infections September 2016
Maternal Observations July 2016
Newborn Feeding Issues November 2015
Newborn Infection August 2015
Newborn Observations July 2016
Nipple Trauma 2014
Postnatal Care Flowchart February 2015
Postnatal Depression January 2016
Weight Loss Beyond 10% May 2015

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Standard Protocols

Definition: A comprehensive set of rigid criteria outlining the management steps for a single clinical condition or aspects of organisation

Date Reviewed
Administration of Vitamin K to Neonates January 2016
Arranging a Support Hospital Visit at KEMH February 2016
Arranging a Support Hospital Visit at Armadale Health Service February 2015
Arranging a Support Hospital Visit at Joondalup Health Campus May 2016
Arranging a Support Hospital Visit at Rockingham General Hospital February 2015
Arranging a Support Hospital Visit at Fiona Stanley Hospital February 2015
Arranging a Support Hospital Visit at SJOG Midland December 2015
Buddy Model of Care  
Care when a Client Makes a Decision that is Incompatible with the CMP Midwifery Standard of Care December 2015
Clients Hiring Breastpumps for The Bump WA (TBWA) February 2015
Client Withdrawal from CMP Care: Maternal Choice February 2015
Clinic Usage February 2015
Clinical Handover December 2015
Collection and transportation of Specimens June 2014
Demand and Diversion December 2015
Documentation December 2015
GP Notification of the Elected Model of Maternity Care February 2015
CMP Inclusion criteria for Risk Model of Care May 2016
Homebirth Inclusion criteria May 2016
Lone Working in Safety / Home Visiting May 2015
Medication: Misoprostol January 2016
CMP Models of Care May 2016
Non Clinical Photogrpahy and videography
Notification of Birth and Submission of Documentation February 2015
Ordering and Follow Up of Routine Tests February 2015
Perinatal Mental Health Clinical Referral Pathway January 2014
Reusable and Single Use Items Management in the Community January 2016
Rh(D) Immunoglobulin: Administration March 2015
Roles and Responsibilities of the CMP Midwife In the Supporting Hospital March 2015
Roles and Responsibilities of the CMP Midwife in the KEMH Family Birth Centre July 2014
Roles and Responsibilities of the CMP Midwife in the Kalamunda Birthing Rooms January 2016
Role of the Support Midwife September 2014
Storage and Transportation of Medications July 2014
STORK February 2015
Submitting a Referral to FBC QRG February 2015
Support Hospital Booking Visit February 2015
Taking Informed Consent to Care February 2015
Terms of Care Document 1,2 and 3  
Timesheets February 2015
Transfer from Home to Hospital September 2016
Use of Complementary Therapies January 2016
Vehicle Transportation of Oxygen Cylinders March 2015

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