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Emotional Health for Parents - During Pregnancy and Beyond

Congratulations! Having a baby can be a very exciting time and you will probably feel all kinds of intense emotions.

This section explains some of the different emotions you may feel and provides information about supporting yourself during this time.

When you have a baby, you might find yourself filled with love, joy, delight and surprise. After all, this is meant to be the happiest time of your life… right?

The truth is having a baby is a very big challenge, so you might also feel stressed, frustrated, angry, confused or disappointed.

All strong emotions are common and normal. It's even normal to go through dozens of emotions – both good and not so good – in just one day.

If you're finding it hard to cope, or just want to find out more about emotional health, click on the links below.

Postnatal Depression Awareness Week

17-23 November 2013

Click here for a list of PND Awareness week events around WA.

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