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Perinatal and infant mental health symposiums

2012 - Perinatal Mental Health and Dads - 'The Elephant in the Nursery'


“Perinatal anxiety and depression: Personal and professional”

Dr Vijay Roach (Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Chairman of the Gidget Foundation) and Ms Cathie Knox (CEO, Gidget Foundation)

“Infant Dreaming”

Winthrop Professor Helen Milroy (Director, Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health, University of Western Australia / Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service)

“In My Shoes: Insight into partners’ experiences of supporting women with perinatal depression and anxiety”

Dr Nicole Highet (beyondblue: the national depression initiative)

Father-infant attachment: Evidence and implications for practice

Dr Richard Fletcher (Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle NSW)

“When the dream was not enough”

Glenn Mitchell (Former ABC TV/radio sports broadcaster, Olympics commentator, sports author) and Karen Tighe (ABC TV/radio sports broadcaster)


Juggling work and baby: Impacts on parents’ mental health and what can be done

Miriam Maclean

Reflections on 10 years of father-inclusive practice in antenatal education

Stephen Gallagher & Dawson Cooke

Assessing the mental health status of partners of women admitted to the WA Mother Baby Unit

Pamela Whittaker, Dr Janette Brooks, Prof Jane Fisher and Gillian Ennis

Men and muppets:  Dads’ identity and role models in relation to parenting during the perinatal period

Dion Leeuwenburg (Clinical Social Worker, private practitioner)

Partners of pregnant women with a diagnosed severe mental illness

Dr Jacqueline Frayne, Dr Janette Brooks, Dr Thinh Nguyen, Suzanna Allen, Miriam Maclean and Prof Jane Fisher

“Paternal anxiety reduced with a father-inclusive perinatal educational/social support program”

Jennifer Totohoa, Bruce Maycock, Dr. Yvonne Hauck, Peter Howatt, Colin Binns, Satvinder Dhaliwal, Sharon Byrne


Predicting postnatal depression in mothers who delivery very preterm

Rosemary Hagan, Clin. Assoc. Prof Ronnie Hagan, Clin. Assoc. Prof Noel French

Practical support for dads

Kendal Head

“Beyond Utopia: perfect programs that miss the mark”

Kendal Head

Development of a culturally inclusive family based support intervention for Aboriginal expectant fathers in Western Australia

Cheryl Kickett-Tucker, Jennifer Dodd, Rhonda Marriott, Dr Janette Brooks and Caroline Nielsen

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2010 - Supporting Perinatal Emotional Wellbeing… Making It Happen


"Enhancing parent infant relationships, theory and practice"

Professor Bryanne Barnett AM (School of Psychiatry, University of NSW  and Perinatal and Infant Psychiatrist, Blacktown Raphael Centre, St John of God Health Care)

"Borderline Personality Disorder - Clinical aspects in the perinatal period"

Associate Professor Jonathan Rampono (Consultant Psychiatrist / Head of Department, WA Perinatal Mental Health Services, Women and Newborn Health Service)


"'A road less travelled': supporting rural and remote clinicians in WA"

Donna Kristianopulos (et al)

"Red Cross Practical Support Program – help when things are getting tough"

Rochelle Pickles and Pam Macnish

"'A Family Affair': Post Natal Psychiatric disorders are not exclusively the domain of women"

Pam Whittaker and Kellie Schumacher

"Early Intervention: A Nationwide Response to Improving Emotional Health in the Perinatal Period"

Carol Purtell (et al)

"From the Heart WA (FTHWA): Providing a voice for consumers"

Judith Barrett-Lennard and Vicki Turner (et al)

"From surviving to thriving: development of a group based program for young mothers with or at risk of postnatal distress"

Subhan Dellar and Kim Hamilton

"More than just families in the room: Creating connection through facilitated playgroups"

Deirdre Davies and Chris Hawkes

"Improving Obstetric and Child Health Outcomes in Women with Serious Mental Illness the role of a specialist Childbirth and Mental Illness (CAMI) Antenatal Clinic"

Dr Thinh Nguyen (et al)


"Partners' Nights"

Madeleine Hicks and Patsy Molloy

"Mother Nurture Groups: Enhancing the mother-baby bond, empowering the new mother to parent with confidence"

Sue Coleson and Adele James

"Postpartum Psychosis in WA: A Review of Patients Admitted to a Specialised Mother and Baby Unit, 2007-2010"

Dr Philippa Brown, Caroline Winchester and Dr Janette Brooks

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2009 – Embracing the Bigger Picture – More than Postnatal Depression


"Medication for Depression, Anxiety Disorders & Bipolar Disorders in Pregnancy and Lactation: an Update"

Dr Jonathan Rampono (Consultant Psychiatrist, King Edward Memorial Hospital)

"Preventing Common Postnatal Health Problems in Primiparous Women: Evidence from an Innovative Approach"

Associate Professor Jane Fisher (Clinical Psychologist, Deputy Director and Coordinator of International Programs, Key Centre for Women's Health in Society, University of Melbourne)

"Establishing Community-Based Early Intervention Services: the Joining Together Program"

Dr Caroline Goossens (Consultant Psychiatrist, Fremantle Hospital)

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"Conceptualisation and Measurement of Severe Fear of Childbirth"

Janet Jones

"Bringing an Attachment Perspective Using Circle of Security Concepts to Working With Women With Postnatal Depression"

Anne Clifford

"The Impact of Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse on Pregnancy, Birthing and the Perinatal Period"

Gail Buesnel

"Daddy Don't Cry" (pdf)

Pamela Whittaker

"Summary of Evaluation Results from the Bouncing Back Program 2002 – 2007"

Kim Tomlinson

"Looking After Mums Program (LAMP) Promoting Perinatal Wellness and Early Intervention"

May Doncon

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"The Value of Auditing Records in Relation to EPDS Screening Rates"

Roslyn West

"Supporting the Transition to Parenthood: the Expanding Role of Community Child Health Nurses in Western Australia"

Margaret Abernethy and Susan Bradshaw

"Dispensing 'Wellness': More than Just Medications"

Stephanie Teoh and Judith Kristensen

"Sing and Grow: Encouraging Mental Wellness and Social Connectedness Through Music Therapy"

Catherine Wilmot

"Self Management as a Guiding Philosophy in Perinatal Psychiatry: the MBU Perspective"

Dr Philippa Brown, Professor Anne Passmore, Professor Tanya Packer and Pamela Whittaker

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