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Childbirth and Mental Illness Services (CAMI)

We are a team of health professionals passionate about providing women and their families with specialised mental health care from pre-conception through to baby’s first birthday. As much as possible we aim for our consumers to see familiar faces at each visit, allowing personalised care.


The CAMI Antenatal Clinic was established in 2007 at King Edward Memorial Hospital. The establishment of this specialist clinic acknowledged that women with severe mental illness (SMI) have particular needs and benefit from an integrated model of care where both obstetric and psychiatric support can be provided.

From the CAMI Antenatal Clinic grew the CAMI Services which now include pre-conception counselling through the Department of Psychological Medicine, the availability of pregnancy and postnatal admissions to Mother and Baby Unit, and collaboration with community support agencies.

Women with diagnosed SMI including chronic psychotic disorders, severe mood disorders, postpartum psychosis and other severe non-psychotic disorders can be referred by their health care professional to CAMI services.


To improve obstetric, neonatal and mental health outcomes for women with a diagnosed SMI by:

  • using a multidisciplinary team approach
  • a small identified team providing individualised comprehensive continuity of care
  • management of psychotropic medications and potential side effects in pregnancy and following birth
  • increasing the rate of attendance to antenatal services
  • monitoring closely for any obstetric complications or signs of deterioration in mental health
  • liaison with psychiatric, obstetric and primary care providers
  • planning for birth and postnatal support.

Shared Care is encouraged as is involvement of family and other supports. If a local Community Mental Health Service is already involved, then Shared Care will be discussed with you. CAMI Services can liaise with, and refer to, Community Mental Health Services during or post discharge from hospital.

Further information about CAMI Services is available for download.

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