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King Edward Memorial Hospital

Next Birth After Caesarean (NBAC) Clinic

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Type of Service

  1. Post caesarean section support and information
  2. Antenatal Clinic

Service description: Midwives from the Next Birth After Caesarean (NBAC) Clinic offer immediate support and information to women following a caesarean section. They also provide antenatal care and support to women in their pregnancy following a previous CS. This includes information about their options for birth, whether a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) or repeat caesarean section.

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Contact Us

Telephone 08 6458 1626
Who to ask for Midwife
Fax 08 6458 1095
Hours Mondays and Fridays 0800 - 1630
Location KEMH, Centenary Clinic Building, Hensman Rd, Subiaco
Mail Address PO Box 134, Subiaco, WA 6904

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Services Available

1. Postnatal care

  • Post caesarean section support and information on the postnatal ward
  • Midwifery telephone support when you go home
  • Monthly postnatal mothers’ group facilitated by a midwife

2. Antenatal Care

  • Midwifery clinic for women who have had one previous caesarean section
  • Information about your choices for birth: either a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC),  or a repeat scheduled caesarean section
  • Antenatal sharing groups facilitated by a midwife
  • Antenatal classes: either VBAC Preparation class or Planning a Positive Caesarean Section
  • Assistance to write a birth plan according to your choices

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Referral Process  

  • GP referral letter
  • One previous caesarean section
  • No other pre existing medical conditions
  • BMI less than 35
  • Midwifery telephone support and information available 08 6458 1626
  • Referral form

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Appointment Process

  • Early booking appointment 14-16 weeks of pregnancy
  • To cancel or reschedule an appointment please ring 1300 855 275
  • We recommend that you put older children in the crèche

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What to Bring

All blood and ultrasound reports for this pregnancy.

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