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Family Birth Centre

The Family Birth Centre is a home-like maternity care facility. The Centre encourages families to be involved in planning and, enjoy the events, of pregnancy and childbirth in a safe, personalised, comfortable setting.

It is located at, and is part of, King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women (KEMH). Orientation is held every Sunday. For times and booking please ring (08) 6458 1800.

Family Birth CentreContact Information

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Contact Information

Phone (08) 6458 1800
Fax (08) 6458 1806

King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women (KEMH)
374 Bagot Road Subiaco
Western Australia 6008

Entrance is via Railway Road

Map Please see our map of KEMH

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Who can attend?

The Birth Centre cares for healthy ‘low risk’ women who anticipate a normal pregnancy and birth. The Birth Centre is unable to accept women who have had a previous caesarean section or have a BMI 35 or over. BMI is required to remain below 35 throughout pregnancy to remain eligible.

Women who are either public patients or who have private health insurance are able to attend. Public patients are covered by Medicare.

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What's It All About?

Birth SuiteThe Centre is designed for families who wish to participate actively in every phase of the childbearing experience.

Our staff are experienced registered midwives who have completed a postgraduate midwifery program. Midwives have special expertise in supporting normal childbirth, but can also recognise a complication and the need for a medical consultation and referral.

The Centre midwives are the primary caregivers but also work in a team relationship with General Practitioners, Obstetricians and Paediatricians. All of the specialist and support services of KEMH are available if required.

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The KitchenThe Family Birth Centre consists of four birth rooms:

  • comfortably furnished with double beds and easy chairs
  • individual garden courtyards
  • air conditioning you can control
  • en-suite shower and toilet

It also includes a shared:

  • bathroom with a large bath
  • kitchen for food preparation and food storage for families and staff
  • family room with dining facilities
  • children's play area

Please see the photos of the birth rooms on this page.

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Birth Suite Some of the advantages families can enjoy by going home earlier include:

  • sharing the experience of a new baby in the comfort of your home
  • being able to be home together sooner in your own bed
  • being able to reduce feelings of separation from other children
  • less disruption on household routines
  • less chance of mother and baby being exposed to infection
  • more freedom to make decisions about baby's care
  • more rest in the peaceful home environment

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Before the Birth

Large Meeting RoomThe midwives at the Centre specialise in providing support for the natural process of childbirth with very personal attention and careful assessment.

Relaxed antenatal visits will allow time for you to get acquainted with the midwives and learn about the many physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and childbirth. The midwives will also discuss changing family roles, exercise and nutrition.

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Birth at the Centre

You should discuss your birth plan with your midwife. The entire birth experience can be as personalised and individual as you desire within the limits of safety. Any birth position that is comfortable for you is acceptable.

Waiting AreaMedications, including local anaesthesia and pain relief, are available if needed. Transfer to KEMH would be required if you need pain relief via an epidural.

You and your support person will stay in one of the birth rooms. Your support person is encouraged to remain with you throughout the labour. An additional support person may also be very helpful.

Some families wish to have their other children present as well. If so, an adult other than the primary support person must be with the children during the entire time. If you plan to have your children present at the birth, please discuss this with your midwife.

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After the Birth

Birth Suite CourtyardIf there are no complications your baby will remain with you during your entire stay at the Centre. Before you go home your baby will receive a complete paediatric examination by one of the Hospital's paediatric staff.

At the Centre the expected length of stay is between 4 and 6 hours after the birth of your baby. If you are transferred to KEMH and have your baby there, the expected length of stay following a vaginal birth is within three days, or if you have a Caesarean section within five days.

After the birth of your baby, the midwives will help you with the care of your baby, including breastfeeding, nappy changing, baby bathing etc. Once you are discharged home, the Visiting Midwifery Service will visit you each day at home for the first five days after birth to check on your health and your baby's progress.

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