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Commonly used References for Medication Use in Pregnancy and Lactation

Location and Hours of Service


King Edward Memorial Hospital
374 Bagot Road Subiaco
Western Australia 6008

The pharmacy is located on the lower ground floor, B Block. This is where prescriptions are dispensed.

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Hours of Service (outpatient)

8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday


Please be informed that all outpatient prescriptions dispensed will require a pharmacy co-payment as instructed by the Health Department of WA.


Patrick Yapp
Chief Pharmacist
King Edward Memorial Hospital

Phone (08) 6458 2722
Fax (08) 6458 2713

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About Us

The Pharmacy Department provides a comprehensive pharmaceutical service to the King Edward Memorial Hospital, and associated organisations including: Aboriginal Medical Service (Derbal Yerigan), Breast scanning, WA Sexual Assault Referral Centre and WA Community Midwife Centre.

Functions of the Department include:

  • The purchase, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Clinical pharmacy services to all inpatients and clinical areas
  • Dispensing for inpatients and outpatients
  • The dispensing of sterile preparations, intravenous admixtures and non-sterile production (including repackaging)
  • The provision of a drug information service on drug therapy in obstetrics, gynaecology, pregnancy and lactation
  • Participation in
    • Research projects
    • Clinical Trials and provision of research support for all areas of the Hospitals
  • Quality Improvement procedures appropriate to each activity
  • Provision of formal drug education program to the hospitals, tertiary education centres and the general community
  • Provision of training programs to staff
  • Provision of training programs to pharmacy students

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Collecting prescribed medications from KEMH Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) is coming to KEMH

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (external site) (PBS) is an Australian Government program that benefits Australians by subsidising medicines to make them more affordable.  The PBS is part of the National Medicines Policy which aims to achieve optimal health outcomes and economic objectives.

King Edward Memorial Hospital will introduce PBS from November 2015, for outpatients and December 2015 for patients on discharge from the Hospital.

What does this mean for patients?

As a KEMH patient, you will be eligible for:

  • increased supply of medication, up to one month, as determined by your doctor, allowing more time for GP follow-up if a refill is required
  • collection of medication from community pharmacies – no need to wait for medications before being discharged home, a prescription will be provided which can be filled at the KEMH Pharmacy or any other pharmacy convenient to you
  • subsidised medication co-payment rates, ‘General’ or ‘Concession’.

The co-payment rates for medications are set by the PBS and can be viewed at (external site).

What will I need to bring to be able to get my medications?

To access subsidised medications under the PBS, both ‘General’ and ‘Concession’, you will need to provide your Medicare card.

Medicare card (sample) 

To access the ‘Concession’ co-payment you will need to provide a valid concession card such as:

Health Card Card

Health Care Card (sample)

Health Care Card - back (sample)

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card  (sample)Commonwealth Seniors Health Card - back (sample)

Pensioner Consession Card

Pensioner Concession Card (sample)Pensioner Concession Card - back (sample)

Payment is to be made to the KEMH cashier, the cashier accepts the following methods of payment:        

  • Cash (though we don’t recommend patients keep cash on them while in hospital, an ATM is available outside the café on the ground floor)
  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT – online banking)

If you do not pay for medications before leaving the hospital you will be issued an invoice. Instructions for payment will be included on the invoice.

Getting help and information

If you believe you may experience difficulty in paying for your prescribed medications please talk to your nurse, midwife or doctor, or contact the KEMH Social Work department on (08) 6458 2777 during your stay in hospital.

For further enquiries please contact KEMH Pharmacy on (08) 6458 2727.

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Obstetric Medicines Information Service

For expert, current practice information on:

  • Drug use during pregnancy
  • Drug effects on the foetus & neonate
  • Neonatal drug therapy & infant doses
  • Drug use during breastfeeding: FAQs on drugs and breastfeeding. Topics include: Should a mother continue to breastfeed if she is taking medication? Methods of minimising drug transfer to the infant and Compatibility of breastfeeding with commonly used medications. For more information contact us:

Phone: (08) 6458 2723
8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday

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Drugs and Breastfeeding

FAQs on drugs and breastfeeding - Compatibility of breastfeeding with commonly used medications, such as medications for pain, hayfever, cough, cold and flu, anti-infectives and head lice.

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