Breastfeeding Centre helps mums through feeding challenges

Chelsea with baby Jaycee
August 4, 2020

Mum-to-be Chelsea had always planned to breastfeed.  Throughout her pregnancy she hadn’t really thought about how she would feel if she couldn’t breastfeed her baby, so when daughter Jaycee was born and she had difficulties breastfeeding, it came as shock.

Chelsea experienced a tough and long birth with Jaycee and after initial challenges with breastfeeding Jaycee was readmitted to the Special Care Nursery only days after being discharged.


“Jaycee was dehydrated and had low blood sugar,” Chelsea said.  “My milk came in on day four and before that I was expressing colostrum and syringe feeding it to her.  A midwife instructed me to feed her 0.5ml per feed but little did I know that wasn’t enough.”


It was whilst in the Special Care Nursery that Chelsea decided to attend the Breastfeeding Centre WA at KEMH.


“I had heard a lot of great things about the Breastfeeding Centre and it was mentioned a few times during the Parent Education classes I attended,” she said.


“We attended our first appointment when Jaycee was two weeks old and I have been seeing Myra (Lactation consultant) regularly since then.”


Soon after attending the centre it was identified that Jaycee had a tongue tie, which was lasered at 5 weeks of age and then at 8 weeks of age Chelsea stopped using the nipple shield to help Jaycee latch and stopped the expressed milk top ups.


“The centre has helped us in more ways that I can explain,” Chelsea said. 


“We are now successfully breastfeeding and I have learnt to trust myself more. The breastfeeding centre has given me more confidence and reassurance to know that I’m doing a great job and that my daughter is getting what she needs and is thriving.

Every woman needs to be informed about the available services because without the help of the amazing staff I would not be confidently feeding my daughter and we definitely wouldn’t have had such a massive improvement. I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue breastfeeding without their help, it’s something I am so passionate about and I am so beyond thankful for all the help I have received.”

Breastfeeding Centre WA Clinical Midwifery Consultant Liz Ashton said the staff are incredibly proud of their efforts.

“Many of our new mums come to us distressed because they really didn’t anticipate they’d have any feeding troubles,” she said.

“However modern research tells us that women want to know about the challenges they can expect and equally we want them to know that they can come to us for help.  We have a wonderful success rate and we are very happy that our program which primarily provides support and education to women helps them to achieve their overall goal which is exclusive breastfeeding until at least six months of age.”

“Our program focuses on spending quality time with new mums, many appointments are one hour in duration, to use the knowledge and experience of our lactation consultants to overcome breastfeeding challenges.”

Chelsea and Jaycee’s breastfeeding journey is now almost six months along and Jaycee has gained weight and is tracking nicely.

“I am so proud that I persevered through all our issues,” Chelsea said. “..I plan to do so (continue breastfeeding) for at least 12 months.”

The Breastfeeding Centre WA is available to all women who birth with the Women and Newborn Health Service incorporating King Edward Memorial Hospital, the Family Birth Centre and the Community Midwifery program.   Women can also be referred to the centre by their GP or paediatrician and phone consultations are available by booking. For more information call the Centre on 6458 1844.