Call and Respond Early at KEMH

July 23, 2019

What is Call and Respond Early? (CARE)

The Call and Respond Early (CARE) pathway allows our patients, families and carers to call for help when they feel that the health care team is not recognising a patient’s changing health condition.

We understand you know yourself or the person you are caring for best, and patient safety and wellbeing is an essential part of what we do.  So, the CARE pathway has been established to provide peace of mind and an outlet for people if they are genuinely concerned about a patient’s health.

There are three very simple and easy steps to the CARE process.

  1. We ask you to contact your nurse/midwife or doctor to initially raise your concerns.
  2. If after doing that you are still concerned, we ask you to request to talk to the shift coordinator who is the person in charge of the shift.
  3. If after doing so, you still feel like you’ve not had an appropriate response, we ask you to make the CARE Call.  To do this please call 0414 930 196 and provide the following information:
  • The name of the patient
  • The reason for your call
  • The ward and room you or your loved one is in at KEMH

Please remember that this process is reserved only for urgent clinical concerns about a patient. This is not a complaints process and any other concerns (eg: food, staff or housekeeping) patients should speak to a member of our Customer Service Unit.