Congratulations to Clare Monaghan

Clare Monaghan
November 30, 2020

Congratulations to Clinical Midwife, Clare Monaghan who is our October Employee of the Month. Clare was nominated by her colleagues for being a strong role model within the Labour and Birth Suite and MFAU unit.

Clare is a strong communicator with both patients and her colleagues and Clare’s nominator gave the specific example of the impact Clare can have on her patients. Recently, a woman contacted Labour and Birth Suite asking after a midwife named Clare.

She described the midwife as having helped her daughter in “turning her life around” and said she was responsible for her daughter “being here today”.

The lady was visibly emotional when she described how three years earlier Clare had cared for her daughter during an incredibly difficult time in their lives, when her daughter gave birth to a stillborn child. Clare’s care for the lady at the time, had a significant impact on her life, resulting in her changing direction and her behaviours.

The LBS has been particularly busy in recent months with a significant increase in the number of births. It is in these circumstances where Clare's professionalism has been particularly evident. Clare escalates concerns appropriately whilst at the same time being proactive in planning allocation of resources in response to clinical need. This involves allocation and support of clinical staff (midwifery and medical).

Clare always considers the knowledge and skills of staff, confirms staff are comfortable with allocated workload and supports them in developing knowledge and skills and confidence in the clinical area. Anecdotally staff feel confident and calm when Clare in coordinating a shift.

Clare is highly regarded by the midwifery and medical members of the LBS/MFAU team.

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