Happy 100th Birthday to one of our earliest babies

Marjorie 100 birthday
Marjorie meets baby Isla, who share birthdays 100 years apart.
February 18, 2019

Marjorie has been to many places in her lifetime, but never expected to return to her birthplace 100 years on.

Today Marjorie did just that, returning to King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) where she was presented with a cake and flowers by Acting Executive Director Jodi Graham as she celebrated her 100th birthday. She was only too happy to share the birthday celebrations with baby Isla – born on Marjorie’s birthdate - albeit 100 years later!

Reflecting on her beginnings, Marjorie said she had nothing but praise for KEMH, adding “King Eddies saved my life”. Sadly Marjorie’s mother had experienced seven still births before she was born prematurely at two and three quarter pounds,

While Marjorie has no secret for longevity, she confessed to “living for the four G’s: God, Garden, Golf and Grandchildren – not necessarily in that order”.

Marjorie is showing no signs of slowing down having celebrated her birthday all weekend long, culminating in today’s visit which she shared with four generations of her family, including Great Grandson Luke.