International Hellymynameis Day

Hello my name is
July 23, 2019

Tuesday 23 July is International #Hellomynameis Day and KEMH staff have been focused on starting every conversation with ‘Hello my name is’ since joining the world wide movement back in June. 

Haven't you ever wondered why the local cafe typically asks you your name when you order a coffee? We know why! It's because every conversation should be started with 'hellomynameis'.

Staff at King Edward have embraced the international movement, wearing badges and making a real effort to introduce themselves to every patient they meet, the first time.

The official #hellomynameis movement began in the UK and was introduced by Kate Granger, a doctor and a terminally ill cancer patient, who noticed that many of the people caring for her did not introduce themselves.  

So next time you visit us at KEMH, be sure to introduce yourself and notice that our staff will do the same.