Midwifery led MGP a popular model of care

June 10, 2019

It’s hard to imagine one midwife handling every antenatal appointment, parent education class, birth, and postnatal midwifery visit for the same woman. 
Thanks to the midwives working in Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) at the Family Birth Centre this can be a regular occurrence. 
This particular model of care, which commenced in July 2013, at the FBC and in 2016 in the main hospital at KEMH demonstrates pleasing results for both the women and midwives who participate.  

Under this midwifery led service, women will only see a doctor if they develop complications during their pregnancy or labour. 

Whenever possible, they are followed by a single midwife throughout their pregnancy, labour and post-birth journey at KEMH. 

Women in this model of care need to have no known risk factors at the beginning of the pregnancy, which includes twins, previous caesarean sections or significant health issues. 

If risk factors develop during the pregnancy, the MGP midwife will involve the medical team at KEMH and continue with their personalised care if they need to be transferred to the main hospital. 

The MGP midwives can go with them for a caesarean section in theatre ensuring that women in the MGP model can be supported by the MGP midwife they already know and trust. 

Research from the pilot MGP group back in 2016 show that  women who were in the MGP model of care were more likely t to have a vaginal birth (87% vs 65%), intact perineum (49% vs 36%) and less likely to use epidural (34% vs 59%) or have a caesarean (13% vs 35%). 
The women in this study also reported a 98% satisfaction rate for this model of care which is an extremely pleasing outcome.