Today is World Cancer Day

Emus at the mobile BreastScreen clinic in Exmouth
February 4, 2020

In acknowledging World Cancer Day, Tuesday February 4th, BreastScreen WA explains why all women over 40 should be regularly screened.

Screen-detected breast cancers are less likely to cause death than breast cancers diagnosed in never-screened women, according to an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s (AIHW) report.

AIHW’s Analysis of cancer outcomes and screening behaviour for national cancer screening programs in Australia report found screen-detected breast, cervical and bowel cancers were less likely to cause death than non-screen-detected cancers.

The AIHW report compared survival outcomes of breast cancers and found women diagnosed through BreastScreen Australia, including BreastScreen Western Australia, had a 69 per cent lower risk of dying from breast cancer than those who had never screened.

The West - World Cancer Day

BreastScreen WA has 11 permanent clinics, with one in Bunbury and four mobile units which travel around WA.

BreastScreen WA Medical Director Dr Liz Wylie said BreastScreen WA had seen many technological improvements over the last 30 years and continued to provide a first-class service with highly trained staff at all clinics.

“The mammography equipment in all the clinics, including the mobile screening units, uses modern digital technology to obtain the X-ray examination and transfer images, which are then read by two experienced specialist radiologists in Perth,” she said.

“Examination result letters are digitally uploaded through a secure network to the client’s nominated doctor and personal client results are available via SMS on a smartphone through a new secure client result portal.

“Screening mammograms take about 15 minutes and are free to all clients. Appointments are also available outside of usual business hours in a range of clinics to reach as many of the eligible population as possible.”

All Western Australian women aged 40 and above, with no breast symptoms, are eligible for a free mammogram and may book their appointment online at or by calling 13 20 50.