When will I meet my midwife?

Once you have been accepted onto the Community Midwifery Program (CMP) and have been allocated your midwife, they will make contact with you within two weeks to arrange your booking interview. This usually occurs in your home at a time that is convenient for you and your midwife.

During this phone contact your midwife will undertake a brief eligibility questionnaire and complete a home visiting form. This forms the first part of our assessment in determining your suitability for care with the CMP. 

This initial booking interview may take up to two hours. Your midwife will take a complete history from you and after reviewing this, will confirm if you meet the criteria for care with the CMP. If you have a history that excludes you from care with the CMP, your midwife will help you decide on the best option and refer you onto another health care provider. Please note the CMP has a strict 'No change midwife policy'.

Can I change my midwife?

The Community Midwifery Program are proud to offer women continuity of care from a known midwife. You will be allocated a primary midwife who works in a team of other midwives. We trust that you and your midwife will develop a positive and supportive partnership over the course of your pregnancy. If, however, your relationship with your midwife becomes strained at any time, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with your midwife so that he or she can better support you. The Midwifery Manager is able to help you navigate this discussion. It is important that any issues are resolved because requests to change your midwife cannot be accommodated. This policy is in place to ensure the smooth running of the service and to avoid disruption to other patients.

How frequent are my antenatal appointments? 

Antenatal appointments are scheduled as follows:

  • 16 weeks Booking Interview in your home
  • 20 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 25 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 28 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 31 weeks Support Hospital appointment
  • 34 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 36 weeks Home appointment
  • 38 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 40 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 41 weeks Clinic appointment
Appointment times are within usual business hours, Monday to Friday. It may be necessary to arrange time off work for these appointments. Please be aware that sometimes your midwife may need to cancel your appointment at short notice due to someone else being in labour. Midwives will not usually attend the support hospital appointment.

What scans or tests will I need to do?

The CMP recommend you attend to all routine scans and tests during your pregnancy. However all CMP clients must have a minimum of one ultrasound scan, at 18-20 weeks, to check for fetal anomalies and confirm the location of the placenta. Also a blood group/antibody screen and iron test will be required between 28-34 weeks to be eligible for the program.

When will I see my midwife after I have my baby?

Your midwife will visit you at home on day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5. On day 10 and day 14 you and your baby will be seen at clinic.

What pain relief can I have?

Pharmacological methods of pain relief such as ‘gas and air’, pethidine and epidurals are not available at Kalamunda Birthing Rooms or when birthing at home. When birthing at the Family Birth Centre you can have all pain relief that would normally be available at a hospital, with the exception of an epidural. Some women may choose to use alternative therapies to assist them in labour such as aromatherapy, homeopathy and hypnobirthing, CMP Midwives do not carry and are unable to administer these therapies. You and your partner will need to speak with a complementary therapist prior to your labour to ensure you are fully informed on the use of such therapies and their safety.

Will my baby be checked by a doctor?

If you birth at home or the Kalamunda Birthing Rooms the CMP recommend you have your baby checked by your GP within one week of the birth. This check will include checking for congenital hip dysplasia and congenital heart murmurs, along with many other conditions. Your midwives are not trained to undertake this examination. If you birth in hospital or the Family Birth Centre your baby will be checked by a paediatrician prior to discharge. 

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