Domino birth

A domino birth on the Community Midwife Program (CMP) is where you choose to birth in a hospital birthing centre with a CMP midwife. Your CMP midwives will provide all your pregnancy care within the community and will then attend the birthing centre with you when you are in labour and care for you throughout your labour and birth. When you and your baby are discharged home your CMP midwives will continue to care for you both up to two weeks post birth.

Who is eligible for a domino birth?

All clients booked onto the CMP and fit the eligibility criteria would be suitable for a domino birth.

How do I find out more about the CMP?

For information about eligibility for the CMP, how to apply, when you meet your midwives, antenatal appointments and postnatal support, see the CMP FAQs.

Which hospitals could I choose to have a domino birth at with the CMP?

Our midwives are currently accredited to work at the Family Birth Centre - King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) and Fiona Stanley Hospital - Birthing Centre. You must reside in the hospitals catchment area to be accepted.

What is the role of the CMP midwife in hospital birthing centre?

Your CMP midwives will continue your clinical care in the birthing centre and are required to work within the hospital policies and guidelines. For safety reasons CMP policy restricts all midwives to a set number of hours they can work per day. This occasionally necessitates the hospital midwives taking over your care. In the event of staffing shortages, CMP will prioritise home births over hospital/birthing centre births.

Will my CMP midwife be with me at all times during my labour and birth?

As much as possible your CMP midwife will stay with you during your labour and birth in hospital. However on occasion it may become necessary for her to leave you in the care of the hospital staff.

What polices and guidelines do CMP midwives follow during my birth?

The CMP midwives follow the hospital guidelines whilst working within Perth hospitals.

How many birth partners am I allowed?

You may only be attended by 2 birth partners in addition to your CMP midwife in hospital. If you want more people with you it may become necessary for them to “tag team” and take it in turns being in the room.

What pain relief can I have?

If you are birthing in a hospital all types of pain relief are available to you, including ‘gas and air’, pethidine and epidurals, which are not available at home.

What happens after the birth?

Following the birth you may choose a 6 hour discharge (providing you meet the hospital criteria for early discharge) or you may wish to stay overnight for further support (with the exception of the Family Birth Centre). Once discharged from hospital your CMP midwives will continue to provide you with postnatal care for up to 2 weeks after baby is born. This will vary between home and clinic appointments.

Will my baby be checked by a doctor before I go home?

All babies born in hospital or the Family Birth Centre must be cleared for discharge by the paediatricians before you can go home. In some cases this may involve a wait period as the paediatric team is invariably very busy and will put the needs of sick or unwell babies first.

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