Are SARC services confidential?

SARC provides a confidential service to people wherever possible and will not disclose information to another person without the client’s consent, unless there are concerns for that person’s safety or someone else’s safety.

There are some confidentiality exceptions.

In some circumstances there are special legal requirements where SARC must disclose information. These include:

  • Subpoenas and court orders which require the release of information
  • Child abuse including sexual abuse to a child under the age of 18 years.  Under mandatory reporting laws in WA, SARC Doctors must report the sexual assault or sexual abuse of young people up to the age of 18 to Child Protection and Family Services (CPFS).  Further action is not necessarily taken unless the young person is considered to be at risk
  • Any indication of risk to the safety of others

If you would like more information on confidentiality, you can contact Mediation and Legal Support at King Edward Memorial Hospital on (08) 6458 1173 or the Customer Services Unit at King Edward Memorial Hospital, (08) 6458 1444.

What is Freedom of Information?

Freedom of Information gives the public a right to access government documents, subject to some limitations. In Western Australia, under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (the FOI Act), the right applies to documents held by most State government agencies (such as departments, public hospitals, public universities and State government authorities), Ministers and local government.

Documents accessible under the FOI Act include paper records, plans and drawings, photographs, tape recordings, films, videotapes or information stored in a computerised form.

Anyone can apply to have personal information about themselves in government documents amended if that information is inaccurate, incomplete, and out of date or misleading.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, people are able to access their SARC records. To find out more about applying to access records you can email: or contact Mediation and Legal Support on (08) 6458 1173.

Is there a cost?

No application fee applies if you are seeking personal information.  If your application is limited to personal information that is just about you, the agency may delete all other information from the documents that is not about you (for example: the names of anyone else appearing in the documents).  If you are seeking information that is not about you, the fee is $30.

Freedom of Information Request Form