Aboriginal Health and Health Promotion

Aboriginal Health Promotion at KEMH (King Eddy’s) works with staff, external health services and consumers to identify and promote initiatives aimed at improving Aboriginal maternal, infant and women’s gynecological health.

The Aboriginal Senior Health Promotion Officer (ASHPO) role is liaising and supporting patients in King Eddy’s and Agnes Walsh House Lodge (AWL). The ASHPO delivers activities to Aboriginal women at Ngalla Mia (Our Place) whilst providing a safe space for the women to interact with one another; identifies and creates culturally appropriate resources for Aboriginal women attending KEMH and their families; conducts In-Service cultural awareness sessions to staff throughout the hospital and Aboriginal services within WNHS.

The ASHPO also presents the cultural awareness/diversity section at the WNHS staff inductions and coordinates all KEMH NAIDOC Week events & other significant cultural events.

KEMH Aboriginal Volunteer Program

The Aboriginal Volunteer Program commenced at KEMH in October 2017. The Program aims to create a culturally supportive environment for Aboriginal patients at KEMH. The Aboriginal volunteers support Aboriginal patients by:

  • Visiting the women on the wards and at Agnes Walsh House Lodge,
  • Being a friendly connection in the hospital,
  • Providing cultural support,
  • Running activities in Ngalla Mia.

These Pamphlets and Fact Sheets are available:

Websites and support groups

Contact the ASHPO - KEMH, ASHPO KEMH.ASHPO@health.wa.gov.au 

Phone number: 6458 1123