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1. KEMH Pharmacy Department

For information about King Edward Memorial Pharmacy Department and Pharmacy Practice Guidelines, click on the link below:

KEMH Pharmacy Department

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Date Reviewed
KEMH Prescribing ProcedureApril 2018
Medication Management FrameworkFebruary 2018
Medication Safety: Administration and Checking Procedure by Nursing / Midwifery Staff and Students August 2015
Medication Safety: Commonly used References for Medication Use in Pregnancy and Lactation
Medication Safety: Administration of Enteral, Rectal or Nebuliser Liquids
Medication Safety: Nurse / Midwife Initiated Medications December 2016
Medication Safety: Administration of Medications by Patient( Self) – Patient's Own Medications September 2014
Medication Safety: Discharge Medications October 2017
Eligible Private Practicing Midwives With a Scheduled Medicines Endorsement: Prescribing at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) August 2015
Administration of Schedule 4 and Schedule 8 Medications  
Medication Safety: Schedule 4 Prescription Only Medication Administration August 2014
Medication Safety: S4R Medications Administration, Handling and Documentation August 2014
Medication Safety: Schedule 8 Controlled Medications Administration August 2014
Medication Safety: Community Programme for Opioid Pharmacotherapy Patients in the Hospital Setting management of May 2015
Storage and Handling of Schedule 8 Medications  
Intravenous Medications  
Intravenous Infusion Guidelines  
Medication Safety: Intravenous Infusion Additives September 2014
Standard Procedures for Reconstitution and Administration of IV Drugs (Adults) September 2017
Intravenous Medications - Procedure for Reconstitution and Administration May 2017
Intravenous Medications - Labelling of Injectable Medicines and Fluids May 2017
Checking and Administration of Intravenous Medications May 2017
Storage and Handling  
Medication Safety: Fridge Medication and Vaccine Storage and Administration June 2015
KEMH fridge monitoring login (Access to fridge temperature data)  
Medication Safety: Storage and Labelling of Insulin: Insulin Cartridge and Pen Devices September 2014
Medication Safety: Cytotoxic Agents Safe Handling of September 2014
Medication Safety: Patient Specific Medication Locker March 2015
Perioperative Handling of Controlled Drugs March 2018
Return & Disposal of Medications   
Disposing of Pharmaceutical Waste  
Specific Guidelines  
Medication safety: High Risk Medications July 2016
Medication Safety: Intravenous Potassium Chloride WA Policy for the use of August 2014
Clinical Alerts: Identifying, Documenting and Communicating December 2017
Medication Safety: Medication Incidents and Near Misses Reporting of November 2015
Medication Safety: Medication Decision Discrepancy: Escalation Pathway for July 2014
Mental Health Consumer Medication Information (CMI) April 2015
Gentamicin Dosing and Monitoring  
Vancomycin Dosing and Monitoring  

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