Information for Health Professionals

Clinical inclusion

WANDAS is a state-wide service for pregnant women with drug and alcohol issues.


We are run by a Clinical Midwifery Consultant (CMC) and accept referrals from GP, hospitals, community drug and alcohol services, Next Step, Department of Child Protection and self-referrals.


The WANDAS CMC will triage all referrals and will contact you and arrange your booking interview information. The midwife will provide information regarding your options for your pregnancy care.


Booking clinics are run every Wednesday morning and Friday follow-up clinics with the multidisciplinary team.

Video Conferencing (VC)

The WANDAS has a philosophy of providing VC to rural and remote communities in order to enable women to remain in their communities until 34 weeks gestation depending on conditions.

The WANDAS team will provide VC link up with the team. Please contact us for further information on (08) 6458 2222 or page 3425.


WANDAS provides education and training, and is able to develop and deliver custom designed workshops on a range of topics including; drug and alcohol issues and pregnancy labour, and post-partum. The impact of alcohol and other drug (AOD) use family and domestic violence.

To enquire about customised training workshops or ask for advice please contact WANDAS team on:

  • (08) 6458 1582 
  • (08) 6458 1583 
  • (08) 6458 2222 
  • or page 3425 


The WANDAS team coordinates a number of projects from internal and external researchers, all which require approval from the KEMH Ethics Committee.

Prospective researchers can contact the WANDAS Clinical Midwifery Consultant to request permission to undertake research on (08) 6458 1583 or email the team at