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Information to Tenderers

"Tenderers" means individuals, companies, organisations, etc that have been requested for, and intend to provide, a submission for provision of goods and/or services to Women and Newborn Health Service (WNHS ) and King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH), whether through quote (Request for Quote, RFQ), tender (Request for Tender, RFT), or other means.

This information is intended to be helpful and provide guidance, but is not a complete source of all the information that may be required. The tenderer should make full enquiries to ensure that they understand all relevant conditions of supply to and working with WNHS. The actual conditions of contract or supply may vary from what is provided on this web page.

Further, WNHS has made all reasonable endeavours, they can take no responsibility for the currency, accuracy or relevance of the provided information.

Get more information from the Health Corporate Network and/or the Government Contracting Information Bulletin Board


Information for Contractors

  1. The contractor shall:

      • Advise the Supervising Officer of the times he intends to be on site.
      • Report to Supervising Officer before commencing work and each subsequent visit.
      • Keep Supervising Officer informed as to progress of work.
      • Complete a site induction prior to commencing work.
  2. The contractor shall not interrupt power or other services without the authority of the Supervising Officer.
  3. All work sites to be in a safe and secure condition at all times by the use of appropriate barricading (paraweb), locking up or other approved method.
  4. All workers on site to be provided with, and use, all appropriate personal safety equipment e.g. safety footwear, hard hats, ear muffs, safety glasses etc. by the contractor who is to ensure that this equipment, together with safe working practices as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations are used.
  5. If any keys are required for access to work areas, these are to be obtained from either the Operations Engineer or the Storeperson. All keys obtained must be returned at cessation of work each day and at completion of job, and signed back in accordingly.
  6. All workers on site are required to sign in at Physical Resources Department, and wear an "Authorised Contractor" badge (available from the reception).
  7. All relevant permits are to be obtained prior to commencement of hot work, asbestos work, welding, pit work or works on medical gases and suction.
  8. The Hospital is a 'Smoke Free' environment and smoking is not allowed on site.


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