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King Edward Memorial Hospital

Reproductive Medicine Clinic

What services does the Clinic provide?

The Reproductive Medicine Clinic at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) provides limited, publicly funded assessment and treatment for women and couples experiencing fertility issues.

The Clinic provides investigation, education, counselling, cycle tracking, ovulation induction and surgery to women from around the state, who meet certain inclusion criteria, to assist them to conceive. 

The Clinic assesses women with recurrent miscarriages and both women and men who are concerned about the implications of impending cancer treatment on their fertility (these patients can be seen at short notice).

The referral criteria

Inclusion criteria for referral to the clinic:

  • Women whose age at the time of referral is between 21 and 38 years old (however only women without a child living with them from their current relationship and aged 35 years or under may ultimately be considered for public sponsorship of IVF treatment see below)
  • The couple must be living in the same house and both desire treatment
  • The woman is unable to conceive naturally 

Exclusion criteria for referral to the clinic:

  • Women and/or partners who are not covered by Medicare
  • Illicit drug use (either partner)
  • Incarcerated in prison (either partner)
  • Women with a BMI> 35
  • Due to the shortage of donor sperm in Western Australia, fertility treatments requiring the use of donor sperm are not offered.
  • Two or more living children from the same relationship
  • Change of relationship or partner within the life span of the referral
  • Request for egg donation or surrogacy
  • Lacking a reasonable understanding of the English language and/or the mental capacity to understand treatment advice (treatment will be refused where neither patients speak nor understand English due to safety issues with the self medication of treatment)
  • New patients may cancel once only

Pre-requisite tests

Tests need to be performed approximately two months (60 days) prior to the appointment so that results are current at the time of the appointment.

An appointment date and reminder letter about tests is sent out 90 days prior.

For pre-requisite tests see the Specialist Outpatient Department Referral Directory

Waiting times

The waiting times from GP referral to assessment in the Clinic are lengthy and may be up to 18 months. The Clinic only runs on a Monday afternoon. There are currently around 300 women waiting for an appointment to the Clinic. 

What happens after assessment in the Clinic?

Some women, following appropriate clinical assessment at the Clinic, may require surgery under the care of the Gynaecology Endoscopy team.

What does the service not provide?

The Reproductive Medicine Clinic at KEMH does not provide egg or sperm donation treatment, surrogacy or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or pre-implantation genetic screening.

Women over the age of 35 years or who have a child from their current relationship are unable to access public funding for IVF treatment.

How to refer to the Reproductive Medicine Clinic at KEMH

Please see KEMH website for a referral form.

A state-wide Outpatient Referral Form for Obstetrics and Gynaecology is available on the Department of Health website and is compatible with Medical Director and Best Practice:

Fax your referral to: 6458 1031    
Post to: Outpatient Referrals, KEMH, Bagot Road, Subiaco 6008

For more information

Contact the Clinical Nurse Co-ordinator, Reproductive Medicine Clinic
Phone (08) 6458 2222 pager 3304





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