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The Department of Postgraduate Medical Education plans, organises and supports orientation, training and education for all medical staff at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

KEMH Postgraduate Medical Education comes under the directorate of Executive Services. The department directly and indirectly supports a wide range of courses, workshops and other educational activities for clinical staff across the state who have an interest in Women’s and Newborn Health. We also work closely with the University of Western Australia’s School of Women’s and Infants’ Health and with the Department of Nursing and Midwifery Education & Research in the production of collaborative and multidisciplinary training.

PGME is in the process of creating an Information Hub as part of the WNHS Intranet Project.

In the interim, orientation and education information is currently shared on Moodle:

If you need any assistance, or are unable to access Moodle please contact us.

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