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Breastmilk needed for sick and premature babies

The PREM Milk Bank at King Edward Memorial Hospital is seeking breastmilk from eligible donors to provide to preterm babies who are most at risk of infection and disease.

Our preterm babies have specific nutrition needs therefore we are calling on donors who meet a specific criteria.

We need breastmilk from mums who:

  1. are currently breastfeeding a newborn baby, younger than three months old
  2. are already expressing and storing breastmilk
  3. can easily access King Edward Memorial Hospital to make deliveries.

We regularly receive offers of donated breastmilk from our generous community of WA mums however we often can’t accept due to the nutritional requirements of our preterm babies. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has kindly offered to donate, your generosity and support of our service is greatly appreciated.

PREM Milk Bank Facts

Over 1000 litres:
The volume of donor milk used in the NICU and SCN at King Edward Memorial Hospital each year.

Over 350 babies:
The number of WA preterm and ill babies receiving donor milk each year.

Over 100 mums:
The number of WA mums who donate each year (many have their own preterm baby in our NICU).

Over 15 litres:
The average donation volume from our amazingly generous donors.

Over 160 litres:
The biggest individual donation from one donor mum!

9th August 2008:
Most recent day that no donor milk used in our NICU - seven days a week since then!



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