Community based women’s health services, sexual assault support services (SASS) and unplanned pregnancy counselling programs

The Women’s Health Strategy and Programs maintains the service agreements for the community based women’s health services, regional sexual assault resource centres and unplanned pregnancy counselling programs based on state and national policies and partnership strategies to target at-risk populations.

These provide a range of services including health promotion, information, counselling and clinical support to prevent, promote and maintain health of women.

The funded sexual assault support services (SASS) provide a variety of crisis and ongoing counselling services for victims of sexual assault as well as, in some areas, therapeutic groups and health promotion activities. They work in partnership with other agencies and have established links with other organisations such as Aboriginal Health Services and local government departments. These services are for both men and women.

Women's Health Centres



Fremantle Women's Health Centre
Tel: 9431 0500  

Ishar Multicultural Women's Health Centre (Mirrabooka)
Tel: 9345 5335

Midland Women's Health Care Place 
Tel:9250 2221

South Coastal Women's Health Services (Rockingham)
Tel:9550 0900

Women's Health and Family Services 
Tel:6339 5400 (Northbridge)
Tel: 9300 1566 (Joondalup)

Women's Health and Wellbeing Service (Gosnells)
Tel:9490 2258

Goldfields Women's Health Care Centre (Kalgoorlie)
Tel: 9021 8266

Hedland Well Women's Centre 
Tel: 9140 1124

Nintirri Centre (Tom Price)
Tel:9188 1224

South West Women's Health and Information Centre (Bunbury)
Tel:9791 3350

Sexual assault support services (SASS)

Acacia Support Service (South Hedland)
Ph: 9160 2900

Allambee Counselling Centre (Mandurah)
Ph: 9535 8263

Goldfields Sexual Assault Service (Kalgoorlie)
Ph: 9021 4732

Waratah Support Centre (Bunbury)
Ph: 9791 2884

Desert Blue Connect (Geraldton)
Ph: 9964 2742

Unplanned pregnancy counselling programs

Sexual Health Quarters, Perth
Ph: 9227 6177

Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre (Kalgoorlie)
Ph: 9021 8266

Desert Blue Connect (Geraldton)
Ph: 9964 2742

South West Women’s Health and Information Centre (Bunbury)
Ph: 9791 3350