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“What happens when I finish my treatment?”

Follow up Care

A women seeking help at a reception desk at a medical centreWhen your treatment is completed you will need to have follow up appointments to watch your progress. Your doctor or the CNC will speak with you about these appointments, which will need to continue for years after your treatment has ended.

Your follow up care is very important – it will help:

  • monitor your recovery
  • identify if you need some supportive assistance
  • watch any long-term side effects of treatment and help you manage them
  • pick up early signs if the cancer returns

There is an excellent booklet “Life after Cancer” (Cancer Council WA) that includes helpful information about your follow up care, why it is important and talks about some of the feelings you may experience when having your follow up.

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With good screening programs and improved treatments, more women are surviving gynaecologic cancers, which is wonderful. However, moving on with your life after your cancer treatment can be challenging and you might find you need support to help you get your life back on track.

There is an excellent booklet “Life after Cancer” (Cancer Council WA).

The Gynaecological Awareness and Information Network (GAIN) is an information and support group for women who have faced gynaecologic health problems, including cancer.

The Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre also provides helpful information.

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