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Multidisciplinary Care Team

What is Multidisciplinary Care?

Patient care is provided by a Multidisciplinary Care Team. Multidisciplinary Care is a team approach to health care. The team includes health professionals who are involved in diagnosing and treating cancer, managing symptoms and side effects, and assisting the patient with their psychosocial needs during their journey. Together the team develops the best care and ‘Treatment Plan’ for the patient, taking into consideration their medical needs, as well as their physical, emotional, practical, informational and spiritual needs also.

Research shows that there are better outcomes for people with cancer when their treatment is planned by a multidisciplinary team.

Who makes up the Multidisciplinary Team?

At the meeting the team will:

  • discuss the pathology and determine the staging
  • work out the patient’s treatment plan
  • decide if any further tests need to be carried out
  • make appropriate referrals to specialist service
  • collect patient information and keep records

What is a treatment plan?

After the meeting, the treating doctor will discuss the treatment(s) the team recommends with the patient. A copy of the treatment plan will be provided to the referring clinician and the patient’s GP. The treatment plan will be written in the patient’s medical records by one of the team members. This information will only be shared with those people and services directly involved in the patient’s care.

The treatment plan may also include talking with Genetic Services about family screening or counselling. Referral to the Reproductive Medicine Unit about options for preserving your fertility may also be discussed.





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