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How to refer a patient to Gynaecologic Cancer Service at KEMH

Picture of a couple with the female shaking the hand of the female health professionalIf you have a patient with a suspected or confirmed gynaecologic cancer, you can refer your patient to the Department of Gynaecologic Oncology at KEMH. Privately insured patients can be seen at this clinic as the hospital has a Private Patient Incentive Scheme.

The case can be discussed with the on-call Gynaecologic Oncologist by telephoning the KEMH switchboard on 6458 2222.

If the matter is not urgent, your referral and results of investigations can be faxed to the Department of Gynaecologic Oncology on 6458 1016. The faxed referral is generally triaged within three working days of receipt by a Gynaecologic Oncologist and an appropriate appointment is then allocated. Both you and the patient will then be notified of the appointment date. It is therefore very important that:

  1. If the matter is urgent, speak to the on-call Gynaecologic Oncologist about the case.
  2. You have advised your patient to expect a call from the Cancer Service at KEMH.
  3. You do not send a patient directly to the Emergency Department first without advising the on-call Gynaecologic Oncologist as there may be no beds in the hospital, and the patient may end up with an additional visit to the hospital for an appointment.
  4. If you have not had a reply within five working days, please contact department secretary on 6458 1383.

If you require an opinion regarding pathology, a Tumour Conference Template should be completed and faxed to 6458 1016. When the case has been reviewed at the Tumour Conference (held on a Thursday morning), a letter will be sent to you with a recommendation. It is often best to discuss this case with a Gynaecologic Oncologist before requesting a pathology opinion as the additional clinical information you provide is valuable.

How to refer a patient to a private Gynaecologic Oncologist

The Gynaecologic Oncologists who work in private practice can be contacted via their private consulting rooms:

  • Clin Professor I G Hammond
  • Dr S G Salfinger
  • Dr J J Tan

Professor Y C Leung does not have private consulting rooms and is based at KEMH.

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