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Picture of a lady looking at a website on a computer.Finding reliable information on your type of cancer can be hard. There is so much information on the internet, but not all of it can be trusted or is helpful.

The following information and links are from reliable sources and are accurate:

The National Centre for Gynaecological Cancers

The National Centre for Gynaecological Cancers (NCGC) has a wide range of consumer information resources on gynaecological cancers. The Centre provides fact sheets for each gynaecological cancer. Fact sheets are structured according to the patient journey. The topics include:

  • description of the cancer
  • prevention and risk factors
  • screening and early diagnosis
  • treatment and supportive care, including psychosocial and psychosexual
  • follow up care
  • recurrence
  • management and support between and after periods of active treatment
  • palliative care
  • useful information, e.g. frequently asked questions

The WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network – Directory of Cancer Care Services

This directory assists patients, family members and health professionals to locate cancer specific services across Western Australia.

The directory provides information on:

  • General cancer services: diagnostic, treatment and supportive care.
  • Specialist cancer services: related to the part of the body affected by the cancer.
  • Palliative care services: provided in hospital (inpatient or outpatient), hospice or at home.
  • Other services: includes availability of transport, psychological care, parking, patient advocacy and multicultural services.

Reliable websites

Cancer Information
Palliative Care
Cancer Support Services
Psychosexual Health
Clinical Trials
Health Care Services
Other Languages
Multicultural Health
Gynaecologic Cancer Screening and Prevention
Financial/ Social Support

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