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Questions for your doctor

Picture of a doctor talking with a female patient.You and your loved ones will have many questions during and after your cancer journey. The following questions may be useful as a prompt when you speak with your doctor. You can print these off and take them with you to your appointment. You also might like to take notes during your appointment that you can refer to later.

» Questions for your doctor (PDF)
» Questions for your doctor (Word)

  1. What type of cancer do I have?
  2. Do I need other tests?
  3. Does my family need to be checked for a genetic link?
  4. How long will my recovery from surgery take?
  5. What treatment(s) will I need and why?
  6. Are there other treatment options?
  7. When will my treatment start and how long will it last?
  8. Where will I have to travel to for my treatment?
  9. How long will I need to take off work / be away from home?
  10. What are the side effects of my treatment?
  11. What about alternative or complimentary medicines?
  12. What if / can I get pregnant?
  13. Do I need to think about preserving my fertility?
  14. Will I have early menopause? How will this be managed?
  15. Will this affect my sex life? How?
  16. Will my treatment affect my bowel or bladder function? How?
  17. How often will I need to come back for a check-up?
  18. I’m frightened / worried / confused. Is there someone I can talk to?
  19. Where can I find more information about my cancer?
  20. Is there financial support or information?
  21. Is there someone my husband / partner / family can talk to about the cancer and my treatment?
  22. How else can I care for myself?

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