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“What is a treatment plan?”

Picture of a doctor discussing treatment with a patientWhere applicable, all reasonable effort will be made to see you at the clinic after your case has been discussed at the Multidisciplinary Team meeting. The doctor will tell you what treatment options the team recommends at the clinic appointment. You will be able to ask questions and talk about your treatment plan. A ‘Cancer Nurse Coordinator’ will also be available to provide you with support if you need to ask any questions.

In the case where you are not able to travel to KEMH your referring doctor (GP or specialist) would discuss the Multidisciplinary Team meeting treatment plan with you.

Your treatment plan will be recorded in your medical records by one of the team members. This information will only be shared with you and those people and services directly involved in your care.

Your treatment plan may also include a referral to Genetic Services for family screening or counselling or a referral to the Reproductive Medicine Unit about options for preserving your fertility.

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