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Helping your baby to breastfeed

Baby breastfeeding, positioned across the chest
  • How you and your baby are positioned may help him/her to latch on more easily.
  • Make yourself comfortable, unwrap your baby and remove clothing that may come between you both. Leave baby’s hands free to move.
  • Lie baby on your chest or next to your breast. Baby’s whole body needs to be facing you.
Baby latching on correctly
  • Baby’s chin is on the breast and your nipple is above baby’s top lip, opposite the nose.
  • Baby’s bottom lip and chin should be firmly contacting the breast below the nipple.
  • Wait for baby to respond with a wide-open mouth and latch on.
  • If baby is unable to latch on, seek guidance from a lactation consultant (see Support Services).
Baby breastfeeding, positioned under the arm

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