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Nipple care

  • Do not use soap or shampoo on your nipples.
  • Harsh abrasive conditioning / treatment of nipples is NOT required.
  • If you think your nipples are flat or inverted, seek advice.
  • If baby is correctly attached at the breast you won’t experience any discomfort.
  • After each breastfeed, express a few drops of milk to smooth over your nipple and allow to dry. The milk moisturises the nipple and provides a protective barrier against infection.
  • Ensure you change your nursing pads if they become wet through.
  • If your nipples are tender/sore or damaged, it is important to seek assistance. Purified lanolin may be applied to nipples, using a cotton bud, if they are damaged.
  • Always handle breasts with clean hands.
  • Causes of sore nipples can be related to any of the following:
    • poor positioning of baby
    • tongue-tie
    • infection
    • dermatitis or eczema
    • vasospasm (tightening of the blood vessels in the nipple)
  • If your nipples become damaged, express milk to feed your baby while you seek assistance from a lactation consultant.

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