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Familial Cancer Program (FCP)

Cancer is a common illness (affecting 1 in 3 people) in our community and most cancers occur as a normal part of ageing. A number of people in your family may have cancer but that does not always mean it is hereditary (runs in the family).

Genetic Services accept referrals for patients who are at increased risk of cancer. If you are concerned about your personal and/or family history of cancer contact your GP for a risk assessment.

You, and members of your family, may be at increased risk of cancer if you have:

  • relatives with cancer that were diagnosed at a young age (under 50 years old)
  • relatives with more than one primary cancer (not a recurrence of the same cancer)
  • several relatives on the same side of the family who develop related cancers
  • a relative with a genetic condition that increases his or her risk of cancer.

The Familial Cancer Program provides testing for inherited cancer predisposition conditions such as breast and ovarian cancer (BRCA1 & 2), familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and hereditary non-polypotic colonic cancer (Lynch syndrome).

The familial cancer program can provide:

  • Information about inherited cancers
  • an assessment of your risk of developing an inherited cancer
  • advice as to whether genetic testing may be an option for you
  • recommendations for screening and minimising your risk
  • support and counselling for those who are identified as high-risk.
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