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Familial Cancer Program - Referral Guidelines

Most cancers occur by chance and are not caused by an inherited predisposition. Less than 1% of people are at a potentially high risk of cancer due to an hereditary predisposition. Genetic Services accepts referrals based upon specific criteria.

Please review the referral guidelines at eviQ prior to referral.

As a general rule, patients who would benefit from a referral to the Familial Cancer Program would fit into one of the following categories:

  • Cancer gene mutation in a blood relative (eg. BRCA1, MLH1)
  • Strong family history (eg. THREE 1st or 2nd degree relatives with SAME or related cancers, or TWO 1 st or 2nd degree relatives with SAME or related cancer with one diagnosed <50yrs)
  • Personal history of cancer with one or more high risk features
High risk features

Cancer Type High risk features
Breast <40 years
Triple negative pathology <50 years
Bilateral breast, one <50 years
Male breast cancer
Jewish ancestry
Family history of ovarian cancer
Ovarian <70 years (certain pathologies only)
Jewish ancestry
Family history of breast or ovarian cancer
Endometrial <50 years
Loss of mismatch repair gene expression
Colorectal cancer or

Loss of mismatch repair gene expression
Colorectal cancer <50 years
Colorectal polyps < 30 years
>20 colorectal polyps < 60 years
Other Multiple primaries of same/related type
(eg. breast and ovarian or Lynch Syndrome cancers – bowel, ovarian,
renal, endometrial, gastric, pancreas, brain, cholangiocarcinoma)
Rare tumours (see renal, endocrine and gastric cancer referral guidelines)

Should you have any queries regarding your patient and their suitability for referral to our service, please do not hesitate to contact the duty genetic counsellor to discuss. You can get in touch on 6458 1603.

Our referral form is specifically designed to assist you in making your referral as streamlined as possible. The more information you are able to provide, the easier and quicker the process is for your patient. The last page of the referral is an information sheet for your patient about the Familial Cancer Program. Please print and give this to your patient at the time of referral.

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