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On January 7, 2011 the Health (Western Australian Register of Developmental Anomalies) Regulations 2010 came into effect. These regulations make reporting of developmental anomalies mandatory.

The decision to become statutory was reached by consensus, after consultation with health professionals, consumers and the community, and brings the register in line with other important health information collections in WA, such as the WA Midwives Notification of Birth System and the WA Cancer Registry.

In the regulations, a developmental anomaly is described as a condition of health, to which Part IXA of the Health Act 1911 applies. Therefore, for the purposes of the Regulations, a developmental anomaly is defined as:

  1. cerebral palsy; or
  2. a structural or functional anomaly, which is present at conception or occurs before the end of pregnancy and is diagnosed during pregnancy, or after stillbirth or termination of pregnancy, or after live birth, but before 6 years of age.
  3. A more detailed list of developmental anomalies that require notification, is available here.

    A list of developmental anomalies that do not require notification is also available here.

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