For Young People

Sexual assault and sexual abuse affects many people of all ages and all genders. As well as being raped, it includes any unwanted sexual contact such as touching and being tricked or forced into doing a sexual act. If you have been raped, sexually abused or sexually assaulted in any way, you are over 13 years and would like to talk to someone, you can call SARC.


At SARC . . .

  • You can see a doctor and counsellor following sexual assault. It is your choice (if you are 18+) if you involve the Police or not.
  • You can see an experienced, understanding counsellor about sexual abuse as a child or a sexual assault from the past.
  • You will be believed and treated with respect.
  • You will receive accurate information.
  • You can make decisions in your own time.
  • All services are free.


Sexual abuse and sexual assault is never the victim's fault

If you have been sexually assaulted in the last 2 weeks

If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse in the past


Emergency Telephone Contacts

SARC 24 hour crisis line (08) 6458 1828
Freecall from landlines 1800 199 888
(Following a sexual assault)

Police emergency help 000
(For life-threatening emergencies)

Police Sex Assault Squad (08) 9428 1600
(To report a sexual assault)

Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800
(24 hour telephone support)

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