Contracted Medical Practitioners

Photograph of a VMP with a patientContracted Medical Practitioners (CMPs) are specialists who practise privately and also have access to public surgical lists within the East Metropolitan Health Service.

These specialists require a named referral to their private rooms for an initial outpatient consultation. Where a consultation is not required prior to colonoscopy or gastroscopy (i.e. for open access referrals), please follow the WA Adult Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Services protocols.

The initial consultation may result in a cost to the patient, but where surgery is required, the specialist can provide this in a non-tertiary public hospital (where clinically appropriate) at no cost to the patient.

Referral to one of these CMPs may result in shorter waiting times for patients and referrals should be sent directly to the specialist's rooms.

Contracted Medical Practitioners lists

Armadale Health Service CMPs


Bentley Health Service CMPs

Ear, nose and throat CMPs (PDF 160KB)

General surgery CMPs (PDF 160KB)

Orthopaedic surgery CMPs (PDF 160KB)

Paediatric surgery CMPs (PDF 160KB)

Plastic surgery CMPs (PDF 160KB)

Urology CMPs (PDF 160KB)

Vascular surgery CMPs (PDF 160KB)


Ear, nose and throat CMPs (PDF 180KB)

General surgery CMPs (PDF 180KB)

Obstetrics and gynaecology CMPs (PDF 170KB)

Ophthalmology CMPs (PDF 190KB)

Plastic surgery CMPs (PDF 170KB)

Urology CMPs (PDF 169KB)

Last Updated: 12/01/2023