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Nabeelah Mukadam
Nabeelah Mukadam
November 28, 2019

Congratulations to November Employee of the Month Award winner Nabeelah Mukadam, Pharmacist.

Nabeelah was described by her nominator as:

  • Always showing compassion.
  • Displaying excellence in communication and management.
  • Always being open and honest, taking on the opinions and comments of colleagues.
  • Having an amazing attitude - positive, happy, professional and knowledgeable.
  • Always providing unlimited support to her colleagues, at all times, even when she is not rostered on – being only a phone call away.

Nabeelah was described as a wonderful role model and was very humbled by her award.

“I am very humbled, this wouldn’t happen without my team so I really just want to thank them.”

Nabeelah accepted her award on the same day she leaves for annual leave, so she thoroughly enjoyed morning tea with her team and received her prizes from Paywise, HESTA, SmartSalary and Stateplus.

Congratulations Nabeelah!

A special thanks to our generous sponsors: Paywise Salary PackagingHESTASmartsalary and StatePlus.

If you've had a great experience with one of our staff members why not put them forward for an award? Next time you are onsite ask how you can submit a nomination.