I have bladder / bowel / other women’s health concerns

Your KEMH doctor may refer you to Physiotherapy for bladder, bowel or pelvic concerns.

Some common complaints include:

  • Needing to rush to the toilet (urinary or faecal urgency)
  • Bladder or bowel leakage (urinary or faecal incontinence)
  • Difficulty emptying the bladder or bowel
  • A feeling of heaviness/dragging in the vagina or noticing a lump or bulge vaginally
  • Pain with intercourse

In conjunction with the medical team, Women’s Health Physiotherapists can assist in the management of these symptoms. They will perform a full detailed assessment and formulate a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. Treatment options vary for these conditions, based on the findings of the physiotherapist and your preferences, but could include things like bladder training, pelvic floor strengthening, education and manual therapy.




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Last Updated: 17/12/2021