Overseas patient fees

Fees and charges for overseas visitors and overseas students

Hospital fees for patients who are not eligible for Medicare are set by the WA Department of Health. Overseas visitors and overseas students are required to pay for the cost of their care.

Medical fees for patients who are not eligible for Medicare are not subsidised by the Australian government. As medical treatment can be expensive, the Department of Home Affairs encourages all prospective visitors to Australia to ensure they have adequate health insurance to meet their health needs.

You will need to contact your insurance provider to check your level of cover, request a written guarantee of payment and provide this to one of our Overseas Patient Liaison Officers.

Please contact our Overseas Patient Liaison Office if you need advice or assistance.


Overseas visitors

As an overseas visitor, you will be required to pay for your treatment if you are unable to provide us with:

  • A valid Medicare card; or
  • Evidence of your eligibility under the RHCA with Australia; or
  • Evidence of your refugee / asylum seeker status.


Interpreter services

A free health care interpreter service is available. If you require an interpreter, please advise one of our staff.

Hospital fees

The fees and charges below apply to each overseas visitor or overseas student attending King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment who does not have a valid Medicare card and holds a non-Australian passport.


Hospital service Fee
Emergency Department visit
(per visit)
$419 (Triage Level 5)
$620 (Triage Level 4)
$945 (Triage Level 3)
$1,295 (Triage Level 2)
$2,195 (Triage Level 1)
Inpatient – same day $2,586
Inpatient – overnight $2,865
Radiology Outpatient and emergency – from $381
Inpatient – various fees
Prostheses Cost will vary depending on the type of prosthesis required.

Outpatient visit

  • telephone, telehealth and team consultations
  • midwifery home visits - both mother and baby are charged separately
  • childbirth and parenting programs
  • allied health and nursing treatments


Depending on the care you need, there may be other fees charged for the treatment provided to you.  These include fees for:

  • Radiology services, including ultrasounds, x-rays and CT scans
  • Prostheses or charges for implantable medical devices
  • Doctor’s fees for the medical and surgical services provided to you.

The fees you may be charged for radiology, prostheses and medical fees will vary, depending on the care or treatment you need. These will be set out in the Estimate of Fees provided to you.

Pathology services for public hospitals in WA are provided and invoiced by PathWest. If you would like an estimate of pathology fees that may be charged to you, please contact the PathWest accounts team by telephoning (08) 6457 1200.

What you should bring to hospital

Overseas visitors or overseas students must provide:

  • A passport and visa
  • Insurance details
  • Contact details for both your home country and Australia
  • Reciprocal Health Care Agreement visitors may be asked to provide proof of residency in their home country.

If you do not have a Medicare card, you may be required to pay the Emergency Department triage fees at the Emergency Department.

Estimate of fees

If you are an emergency admission, we can only provide an estimate of the fees for your care. Your fees will vary based on the treatment you may need.

A full estimate of fees will be provided to you as soon as we have been able to determine the medical and accommodation fees for your care. As we may need to speak to staff in the clinical team providing your care to determine your proposed treatment plan, we may not be able to provide an estimate of fees over the weekend.

If your admission is planned, an estimate of fees will be provided to you before your admission. If you have not received an estimate of fees, please contact our Overseas Patient Liaison Officer.

Overseas Patient Liaison Officer
Tel: (08) 6458 1066
After Hours Tel: (08) 6457 4423
Mobile: 0484 111 968
Email: KEMH.OPLO@health.wa.gov.au

Paying your hospital fees

If you are admitted as an inpatient and we have not been able to confirm your insurance details, you may be charged an upfront payment for the cost of your care. Any upfront payment will be based on your expected length of stay and estimated medical costs.

Even if you have insurance, you may still have some out-of-pocket expenses, as your insurance may not cover all your hospital fees. Your insurance company can advise you what your policy covers.

Payment options include:

  • Direct deposit
  • Cash at the onsite Cashier.

For inpatient enquiries, please contact the Overseas Patient Liaison Officer.

Overseas Patient Liaison Officer
Tel: (08) 6458 1066
After Hours Tel: (08) 6457 4423
Mobile: 0484 111 968
Email: KEMH.OPLO@health.wagov.au 

Compensable Patient Liaison Officer
Tel: (08) 6458 1138
Mobile: 0484 111 968
Email: KEMHPPLO@health.wa.gov.au

For any other billing, invoices and payment enquiries, please contact our Accounts Receivable Department (during working hours).

Accounts Receivable Department
Tel: (08) 6457 0866
Fax: (08) 6457 0867
Email: NMHS.ARSupport@health.wa.gov.au
Postal address: Locked Bag 2015, NEDLANDS WA 6909

Reciprocal Health Care Agreement

Overseas visitors holding a valid visa who are a resident of a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) country are only covered for essential medical treatment relating to:

  • Ill-health or injury which occurs while you are in Australia; and
  • Which requires treatment before returning to your home country.

RHCA’s are not intended to replace travel insurance, and do not cover planned treatment, procedures or operations.

RHCA countries:

  • United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland)
  • Republic of Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Italy *
  • Malta *
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Slovenia.

* Patients from Italy and Malta are only covered during the first six months upon arrival to Australia.

Periods of RHCA cover vary depending on the country’s agreement with Australia. To find out more about your period of cover, please visit Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (external site).

To receive health care under a RHCA, you must provide your passport and other documentation required to evidence your eligibility.

If you are from one of the countries above and may be covered under a RHCA, you will be charged for your care until:

  • You provide a copy of your passport; and
  • We have confirmed your eligibility under the RHCA.

Alternative options for healthcare in WA

If you need non-urgent care, you may find a GP clinic a more affordable option.

The Australian Government's HealthDirect website (external site) provides details of your closest GP, or you can call HealthDirect on 1800 022 222.

If you are not sure whether your condition is urgent or critical, please stay in the Emergency Department to be assessed by a doctor.

Information in other languages

Please refer to the overseas patients brochure for answers to frequently asked questions.

Last Updated: 21/06/2024