Midwifery student positions

Midwifery Student Positions at KEMH

At this time we are not expecting to recruit midwifery students as midwifery programs in WA are in the process of changing to an unpaid supernumerary model with placements arranged by the universities. This means that students will no longer be paid employees at a hospital and therefore not recruited in the way that we have done previously.

You may wish to contact the course coordinator at whichever university you are thinking of applying to find out more about the course structure.


ECU - Clare DAVISON c.davison@ecu.edu.au

Curtin - Lesley Kuliukas L.Kuliukas@curtin.edu.au

UND - Sheena Mcchlery sheena.mcchlery@nd.edu.au

What experience is offered at KEMH?

KEMH is a tertiary maternity hospital with close to 6,000 births per year.  The hospital provides specialist services for women and babies with complex needs as well as normal birthing services for many healthy women.  Students rotate through all clinical areas including antenatal clinics, labour and birth suite/maternal fetal assessment unit, antenatal and postnatal wards, Visiting Midwifery Services in the community and the Neonatal Unit.  The hospital offers a range of maternity care models that students will be exposed to with a growing emphasis on continuity of care.
Please feel free to contact Janice Butt, Coordinator Midwifery Education at KEMH if you have any further questions or want to follow up on your application:

Email: Janice.Butt@health.wa.gov.au
Telephone: (08) 6458 3010