Pastoral Care Services

Pastoral Care, also known as Chaplaincy, is an integrated part of care at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH). We offer a compassionate, professional, spiritual and confidential ministry to all patients, family (including support people) and staff. All pastoral care representatives are professionally trained and hospital accredited. 

You do not have to be a churchgoer or have any religious affiliation to receive pastoral or spiritual support. 

This is a free confidential service. After hours pastoral support is available to all inpatients in cases of emergency and bereavement. You do not have to be a churchgoer or have any religious beliefs to receive pastoral or spiritual support. 

We are available to listen, support and help you to reflect on what is happening, to offer the church’s ministry and resources, and to offer spiritual guidance or counselling. 

We also provide: 

  • opportunities for worship
  • individual or chapel sacramental ministry
  • life transitional rituals 
  • opportunities for reflection and prayer.
If you have a particular religious tradition, we will, whenever possible, link you with the appropriate team member. We can also contact representatives of your faith or your own spiritual representative for you if required. 

Ward visits

In many cases initial contact will be through referral, however pastoral care representatives may visit you or can be requested. Visits by other authorised denominational visitors take place on a weekly basis. Bedside Holy Communion in both the Anglican and Roman Catholic traditions is available upon request.

Spiritual support and rituals following pregnancy loss

A ritual of remembrance

This is a small monthly service of healing following the loss of a pregnancy before about 14 weeks gestation. 

When: second Monday of every month at 12.30pm (excluding public holidays)

Where: KEMH Chapel First Floor, A Block (immediately above the main entrance, Bagot Rd)

About: Ritual of Remembrance is short gathering for people of all and no religious beliefs. The content and language used will reflect this. There is no need to let us know that you will be attending and you are welcome to bring other family members, including children if you wish.

A service of naming or blessing

This is a short ritual, held at the bedside or in the hospital’s chapel, available to all who experience the loss of a baby.

KEMH interment of ashes service

This is a monthly gathering for stillborn babies up to 28 weeks gestation, at which cremated remains are interred in the KEMH Memorial Garden.

While the Interment of Ashes Service is routinely offered, should you choose not to inter your baby’s ashes in the Memorial Garden you are able to receive your baby’s ashes in order to keep them or choose other alternatives for them.

Funeral or Memorial Services If your baby was stillborn at more than 28 weeks gestation or died any time after birth, the hospital (by law) is unable to cremate your baby and the services of a Funeral Director will be required.

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