Community Midwifery Program

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New and Updated Guidelines

Clinical guidelines under review remain the current endorsed clinical guideline until the review is complete.

Antenatal Care

Date Reviewed
Absence of Fetal Heart- Antepartum- see O&G guideline: Perinatal Loss
Antenatal Care Flowchart - refer to CMP Procedure manual
Antenatal care Subsequent Appointments
January 2016
Antepartum Haemorrhage- refer to O&G APH guideline
EPDS and Perinatal Mental Health
March 2019
GBS Screening- refer to O&G GBS guideline
VBAC and Risk Model Flowchart - refer to CMP Procedure manual

Intrapartum Care

Date Reviewed
Absence of fetal heart during labour-- see O&G guideline: Perinatal Loss

BBA April 2020
Leaving Mother and Baby after the Birth April 2020
Retained Placenta May 2016
Labour: First Stage and Second Stage- refer to O&G guidelines

Obstetric Emergencies

Date Reviewed
Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) at Home with CMP - Access through Restricted Area Guidelines (HealthPoint only) December 2017

Postnatal Care

Date Reviewed
Maternal Observations April 2020

Neonatal observations and care- refer to O&G 'Neonatal Care' guideline

Maternal infections- refer to KEMH guideline for 'Infection in Obstetrics (Chorioamnionitis and Postpartum infection)'


Standard Protocols

Date Reviewed
Definition: A comprehensive set of rigid criteria outlining the management steps for a single clinical condition or aspects of organisation
Non-compliance of client with CMP midwifery standard of practice  March 2019
Clinical Handover - refer to CMP Procedure manual

Demand and Diversion March 2020
CMP Inclusion Criteria for Risk Model of Care Sept 2019
CMP Inclusion Criteria at Booking: Protocol and Procedure (previously called Homebirth Inclusion Criteria) Sept 2019
CMP Models of Care Sept 2019
Use of Complementary Therapies- Refer to O&G 'Pain Management' guideline

Structured Administration Supply Arrangements

The SASA's have recently moved to the new SASA section of the Pharmacy Guidelines page (available to WA Health employees through Healthpoint)