The King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) Pharmacy aims to promote the safe, quality and cost effective use of medicines.Our services include:
  • outpatient and inpatient dispensing
  • preparation of sterile products, intravenous admixtures and non-sterile products
  • clinical pharmacy services to all inpatients and clinical areas
  • The Obstetrics Medicines Information Service
  • participation in research projects and clinical trials
  • quality Improvement activities to promote medication safety
  • provision of medication education programs to hospitals, tertiary education centres and the general community
  • provision of training programs to KEMH staff and students.

Obstetric Medicines Information Service

The Obstetric Medicines Information Service is maintained by specialist pharmacists at KEMH who provide current and practical advice regarding:
  • medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • the potential effects of medications on the fetus and neonate
  • neonatal medication therapy and infant doses.

The Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Hub also provides a range of resources that can be freely accessed for information regarding the use of medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Prescriptions at KEMH

KEMH provides medications under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The PBS is an Australian Government program that benefits Australians by subsidising medicines to assist in making them more affordable. 

Where can I fill my prescription?

Prescriptions from KEMH can be filled at either the hospital pharmacy or your local pharmacy. Only prescriptions written on KEMH prescription stationery are able to be dispensed at the hospital.

How much will it cost?

Purchasing your medication at hospital will incur a cost similar to what you would pay at your local pharmacy. Please remember to bring your Medicare Card, along with your Concession Card, Health Care Card, Repatriation Health Care Card or Safety Net Card if applicable.

The hospital also subsidises the cost of some medications so that that are more affordable. For more information on when this may apply, please contact the pharmacy department on (08) 6458 2722 (8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

How should I pay?

You may choose to pay on the day of collecting your medications at the cashier. You may also ask to receive your invoice via post to your home which you should pay as soon as you are able. Please be aware that it can take up to six weeks to receive your invoice in the mail.

If you believe you may experience difficulty in paying for your prescribed medications please talk to your nurse, midwife or doctor, or contact the KEMH Social Work department on (08) 6458 2777 during your stay in hospital.

I live in the country, how do I access my medication?

Most medications can be accessed from your local pharmacy. However, it may be better for some medications to be dispensed at the hospital. In these circumstances, it may be possible to supply up to three months of medication at one time.

Please check before leaving the hospital whether any medications you have been prescribed are best dispensed at the hospital. 


What to bring when coming to hospital

Please BRING ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS with you to hospital in their ORIGINAL packaging if possible, including vitamins, herbal medicines, eye drops, creams, patches, puffers etc. Please also bring any Webster packs, Dosettes or other dose administration aids you may be using. If you have a list of your current medications, please bring this with you also.

Your medications will generally only be used if the hospital does not have one of your medications available. Medications brought into the hospital should be handed to the ward midwifery staff to be safely and appropriately stored. On discharge, your medications will be returned to you.

Please also bring your MEDICARE CARD, along with your Concession Card, Health Care Card, Repatriation Health Care Card or Safety Net Card if applicable.

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Obstetric Medicines Information Service

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