Mandatory training and competencies

Mandatory training

To access mandatory training requirements visit the WNHS education hub. A mandatory training checklist is available on this site which allows you to document the completion of mandatory training requirements. This checklist and the accompanying evidence of completion (certificates) should be included in your professional portfolio. This checklist is applicable to all Nurses and Midwives at KEMH.

Education guideline procedures


At KEMH there are a number of clinical skills that require successful completion of a competency process. Staff who have previously attained competency are not required to complete a new competency document. For those staff with previous undocumented competency, recognition of prior learning (RPL) should be discussed with their Manager and acknowledged on the competency checklist.

Participant instructions

  • Determine whether the competency is appropriate/achievable
  • Understand competency requirements and plan how you will achieve the requirements
  • Determine who competent staff are within your area
  • Discuss assessment report with supervisor prior to performing the competency
  • Complete competency requirements
  • Provide a copy to CDM/N for ALESCO recording of achievement
  • Retain competency documents in portfolio
  • Maintain competency checklist.

Supervisor instructions

  • Ensure theoretical requirements (if applicable) have been completed
  • Assess level of experience and required supervision
  • Review assessment report prior to supervision to determine assessment requirements
  • Discuss and complete assessment report following supervision
  • If competency requirements have been met “sign off” Part A - requirements.

Competency checklist

The competency checklist is located in the PDR documentation.

Competency documents

These are the current acceptable versions of KEMH competency requirements, records and performance criteria. Please contact your Clinical Development Midwife/Nurse or Clinical Midwifery/Nurse Consultant for more information.