Professional Development Review (PDR)

PDR principles

The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards requires health service organisations to have a valid and reliable Performance Review Process in place to ensure all nurses and midwives regularly take part in a review of their performance. Performance review and development supports safety and quality by developing skills, knowledge and identifying needs for training and development. The Performance Review Process should be led by the individual nurse or midwife and undertaken in a positive, collaborative, confidential and non-threatening manner which is free of bullying. The performance review process is never to be used for the management of substandard performance.

  • A nurse or midwife at their discretion may request a meeting for their performance review but a meeting is not mandatory. Similarly, a manager may request a meeting to discuss a performance review but attendance is not mandatory.
  • Declining the option of a meeting will not impact on career opportunities.
  • A performance review is never to be used for the management of substandard performance.

WNHS mandatory training education checklist process

KEMH nurses and midwives are required to provide a copy of the PDR documentation on an annual basis at compulsory in-service. Sections to be completed are:

  1. PDR meeting notification (front page)
  2. Mandatory training checklist
  3. Competency review (if applicable).  

PDR document

The PDR document is suitable for all levels of nursing and midwifery staff. The template contains 2 sections:

Section 1: Mandatory training checklist, competency review 
Section 2: Optional CPD record and optional professional practice conversation questions.

PDR template (30062021)

The PDR process is as follows:

1. Participant to bring PDR document to Compulsory in-service. Items to be completed include:

  • Front page – optional meeting  selection,
  • Part 1 annual mandatory training checklist
  • Part 2 once off mandatory training checklist
  • Annual competency checklist

2. Documentation collected by DNAMER and sent to Ward 4 SDM/N office

3. SDM/N sorts documentation and sends to relevant SDM/N

4. SDM/N reviews mandatory requirements, ALESCO skill code 91240 entered if annual, 2, 3 and 5 yearly requirements complete, follow-up with staff member if non-complete.

5. SDM/N informs Manager of PDR meeting election. MyHr updated to reflect staff selection. If meeting has been requested manager to arrange meeting with the staff member or return to SDM/N (Level 1 staff) to arrange meeting.

6. PDR documentation returned  to staff member

Participant process

PDR participant flowchart

Staff development process

PDR staff development process

Managers process

PDR manager process

PDR recording for Managers/Supervisors

All details of the PDR whether a meeting has occurred or not is entered into MyHR.

Instructions for MyHr PDR recording