Continuing Professional Development CPD activities

Continuing professional development information available for health professionals providing women and newborn services in WA.

The process for requesting outreach education from WNHS departments is available from the Outreach education policy W072.
Internet accessible websites

Department of Nursing and Midwifery Education and Research (DNAMER)

DNAMER provides a wide range of courses, study days and professional development programs to assist midwives and nurses to maintain their professional competencies.

Visit the DNAMER page.

Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)

The SARC Education and Training unit runs a calendar of events. They also offer a range of services to agencies and regional areas that have specific training requirements. A fee is usually applicable for events in order to cover costs.

Visit the SARC page.

Statewide Obstetric Support Unit (SOSU) 

SOSU supports clinicians delivering obstetric and maternity services throughout the State – to enable them to provide the highest quality service possible. Education activities may be offered ‘onsite’. 

Visit the SOSU page.

Women's Health Strategy and Programs 

Training in family and domestic violence includes identifying and responding, risk assessment and safety planning, legal information, elder abuse, issues specific to working with CaLD clients, female genital mutilation, understanding forced marriages and working with Aboriginal Clients. 

Training also available in perinatal infant mental health disorders including assessment, screening, treatment and referral.

Nominations for KEMH nursing and midwifery staff are available through MyHR.

Visit Women's Health Strategy and Programs page.

Accessible only from WA Health computers 

The following web sites are accessible on the WA Health intranet:

Neonatology Clinical Care Unit KEMH (NCCU) 

Offers a variety of educational activities and programs designed to facilitate learning and professional development. Provides information about courses, study days and outreach education programs.

Visit NCCU intranet website. 

Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME)

PGME provides a wide range of courses/workshops and other educational activities. They work closely with UWA and DNAMER to produce collaborative and multidisciplinary training.

Visit PGME intranet website.

Attendance tracker 

The PGME have a new tracking system to accurately record medical staff attendance at any educational meetings facilitated through KEMH. This includes daily tutorials, Friday afternoon teaching, Grand Rounds, Multidisciplinary Team Meetings, etc, across all disciplines – O&G, NCCU, Anaesthetics etc.

Each education program/session/meeting has a customised code generated. 

As a web user you have been enrolled onto the database located at the following link:

Please download the free app on your iphone or android phone by searching:

Attendance Tracker (Danil Petrov)

Your login is your HE number (not your employee number). Start with the prefix 61 (do not include the letters HE) plus the 6 digits in your HE number OR 610 plus the 5 digits of your HE number. The final number must be 8 numbers

When you attend education which has had a Quick Response (QR) code generated, the QR code will be printed or displayed for you to scan with this app. Your attendance will be recorded in both our database in addition to a personal record in your app which you can access at any time. You may also request an attendance record be emailed to you.

Please contact PGME if you have any problems.